a perfect overland vehicle

joe & BOB. A love story.

I've wanted one of these for a long time. I think Penny secretly thinks that I suggested this trip purely as an excuse to buy one. We found this one at Car AutoHaus in Thornleigh, NSW. After some serious negotiation with Janaka, it was ours...subject to a full inspection from my mechanic. "Yeah the trucks in good knick mate" was his feedback after the inspection "if bright orange is your kinda thing....".

Much to Penny's distress, I decided to do most of the preparation work on the car myself. 4x4 gear can be so expensive and with our budget we couldn't afford to buy fancy drawer systems and a complete suspension rebuild. However as we were rightly informed by a guy we met who had made similar journeys, more is less. Too much gear just weighs you down.

BOB was a basic Landcruiser when we bought him. The only accessory included was the bull bar. Before leaving Bondi we made the following modifications:

  • Dual Battery System - ARB self installation kit 
  • Stereo and Speakers - you can't drive around the world without a good sound system right?
  • Kitchen Table - A fold down table on the back door with a three burner gas stove
  • Tradesman Commercial Roof Tray - modified by Tradesman for the roof tent
  • ARB Sidewinder Roof Tent - mounted so the tent opens out to the rear
  • ARB Awning - Sun and rain protection
  • Fishing Rod Holder
  • Homemade Window Guards - added security for the rear windows
  • Night Stalker Driving Lamps - for when we have to drive at night
  • Auxiliary fuel tank - an extra 72 litres of diesel
  • Roof Storage Box and Fuel Can Holders
  • Home built wooden storage cupboards

What we decided not to do was invest in modified suspension on bigger wheels and tyres. This was a big concern when leaving however it would have been a big stretch on the budget. We decided to leave with the standard suspension and "pizza cutter" wheels and make changes down the road if we had problems.





Bob is a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier, 4.2L Diesel.

Although originally from Japan, Bob immigrated to Australia, turned orange and spent his formative years as a service vehicle for the New South Wales rural fire services department, Wyong division.

After hanging up his sirens some years later, he spent an unknown period of time at Cars Autohaus before being selected by a pair of unlikely adventurers as a suitable travelling companion for a 50,000km overland adventure.

Bob enjoys reasonably priced, clean diesel, gentle inclines and driving through mud.


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