Joe was ludicrously excited at the prospect of sleeping in the jungle cabin. Way too excited for a hut that had no windows or bed. And was in the Jungle. And looked like a mossy bunker. But not one to argue, we drove a sweaty four hours or so through palm plantations and little kampungs (villages) to get to Genung Ledang (which is meant to be the biggest mountain in Johor, but only the 64th biggest in Malaysia). After spending a warm night eating cup noodles and drinking Tiger, I eventually passed out whilst Joe tried to teach me chess on the cabin floor.

We had grand ambitions of climbing Genung Ledang the next day, only we woke up to find we were in entirely the wrong place, and when we got to the foot of the mountain, were told that we needed to pay for a guide. This was fine, except we had no cash, and the next kampung was about 50km away. Our second cash fail for Malaysia. So much to learn!

Instead of scaling mountains, we headed over to Malacca, a port on the west coast which is meant to be the cultural heart of the country. Like many places in Malaysia, it’s seen the pillaging of all the colonies – the portugese, dutch, and the English all had a crack at some point in time. We checked out all their remaining monuments and then made for the north south hwy to Kuala Lumpur.