Katrin and Tilo were like our 'Agony Aunt' for this entire trip. Whenever we weren’t sure of what to do or how to do it – or whether we’d ever have to pay for any of those Chinese speed camera's that flashed us, we’d drop them a desperate email hoping that their experience driving from Sydney to Munich just a year before us could shed some light and put us at ease.

So of course we were soooo excited when they invited us to come and stay with them in Munich.

Bob finally got to meet Jasper, Katrin and Tilo’s AWESOME Defender before he (she?) was whisked away to winter storage, and we spent the evening at one of Munich’s coolest Christmas markets eating Thai curries (and wishing we were back in Thailand) and beer (ofcourse) and sharing our outlandish border crossing experiences, the strangest places we’d camped and all the things we still wanted to do.

I think for most people it’s hard to imagine what its like to travel the way we have – the annoying logistics of getting through borders, having such a shortage of creature comforts, spending so much time in a car together in such weird and wonderful places. I think people wonder why we bother, why not just fly somewhere, stay in a hotel, have a hot shower…

But meeting Katrin and Tilo and sharing all the fond tales of awesome Singaporean Hawker markets and what it was like to have a Chinese girl in your car for a month was a brilliant reflection of what an incredible experience we’ve had – and one that we only could’ve had with Bob. Like Katrin and Tilo, we’re not weird gortex wearing premature caravaners who’ve lived off dehydrated potatoes for a year – we just saw the potential for an awesome, unique experience, and let the road take us there.

It’s awesome meeting people who’ve been there and done that too, and have the stories to prove it. I loved every moment we spent chatting (to the wee hours) and can’t wait for a European camping holiday in a Bob and Jasper convoy! (Once I've recovered from this year)

Thanks for having us Katrin and Tilo!!!! xxx