We had 3 days in Kuala Lumpur to sort out our Visas for China and take a look around, although it feels like we spent most of our time eating or looking for cheaper beer. Joe finally succeeded on our last night, and we settled at a bar which had free flow Carlsberg for 50RM til 8pm (about $17). Some time after we sat down, after I’d taken a photo of Joe hugging the Carlsberg girl who was at least a foot taller than him (the tallest Asian woman I’ve ever seen!) we wandered off to get some food, and 100m down the road a waitress chased us down, with a friendly reminder that we hadn’t settled the bill. I was so embarrassed I made Joe go back in and pay, and the poor Carlsberg girl was getting an earbashing from atleast 3 superiors (all of whom were shorter than her).

Kuala Lumpur certainly looks like a city on the up and up. It’s a massive contrast of shiny blingy looking buildings like the Petronas towers (which were the tallest in the world for a while not long ago) and massive 10 story slum blocks. We had a great time cruising around Titiwangsa park (and also pronouncing it), playing tennis and hanging out on the mono-rail. But all our touristic ambitions of going up towers were blighted by sold out tickets (petronas was sold out for 3 days!) and the menara tower insisting you could only go to the observation deck if you went on either an F1 simulator or a pony too… strange.

All in all, we got our Chinese Visas, and there was no James Bond style interrogation to go with it, so I’d say Kuala Lumpur was a roaring success.