I have this thing that I preach to people about being happy - manage your expectations. I reckon as much dissapointment comes from expecting something to be too good vs. something actually being crap.

I should take my own advice. We’re at Previlly near Margaret River , WA and I’ve been in a stinking mood because there is no surf. I’ve failed to keep in mind that I’m sat on a beautiful beach, the sun is shining and that I dont have to work today, or tomorrow.... Seems like a good time to write my first blog. (As it turned out the surf was about 4ft round the corner at the rivermouth so had no need to worry!).

I’m not the best at this blogging lark. I think its best that I leave the story telling to Pen and I’ll approach my blogs from a more logical bullet point perspective. First a few facts for those interested:
- KM’s driven: 4,768
- Average KM’s per day: 149
- Nights camping: 19
- Nights staying with friends: 11
- Nights in hotel: 2
- Arguments: The odd one...

Best bits of month 1 (in no particular order):
- Wow just leaving and being on the road! Its been awesome. Every day free to do whatever you like, its a great feeling.
- The surf, particularly in Tasmania. The swell was a bit bigger and you have the waves to yoursel (which isnt necessarily a good thing!). Had a great surf at Marrawah on the West Coast with a Swedish guy we met whilst waiting for some cattle to cross the road (its Tasmania). Thanks mate if you read this, was good to have someone to paddle out with!

West coast Tassie. The surf cleaned up the next morning and was perfect. Just me out!

Burgers at the food factory in Cooma. Scotty’s recommendation from years ago when we went boarding at the Snowy Mountains. I’ve never seen Pen eat something so quickly after an 18km hike.
- Shipwreck Creek, VIC. Probably my favourite place that we stayed in the first month, awesome little beach camp in the sticks. Didn’t start well though - first night rained and rained and rained. We spent the whole night (after I’d rigged up rain protection camp and got soaked) discussing which roof tent to buy. The mood was lightened only when another couple turned up in a Troopy and wanted to compare notes on the rigs! The the next two days were the first sunshine we had seen in weeks.

Rain protection camp at Shipwreck Creek

Travelling people. You meet some awesome people on the road. All different ages and backgrounds. And its great to have the time to have these random chats with people without feeling rushed. Special word goes out to Andrew (www.ozonfoot.com) who is walking from Sydney to Perth (and then maybe Darwin) to raise money for Cancer research. Check out his website and sponsor him if you feel so inclined. The crazy thing was he caught us up a couple of times...Andrew you’re either super fast mate or we’re taking way too much time!
- Solar and wind farms. I’m blown away with how many of these we’ve seen in the first month. And none of them have been an eyesore.
-  Wilsons Prom. Spend some time here if you can, awesome spot. Great beaches for surf and swimming and loads of places to explore. Plan your time though as some of the places can only be accessed by foot and it takes a few days to walk in. We stayed at a great camp ground (shallow Inlet) just outside the park. The two oldies running the place loved the banter.
- Burgers with the Aman on Philip Island! Haha, good to catch up with the banter from Sydney and what an awesome spot for diner! Thanks Andrew for a good week in Melbourne, was good to catch up.
- Penny. She’s been great to be fair. The first week was actually quite tough - we were trying to work out what we do, we had way too much gear in the car which was a nightmare and it rained all of the time (meaning wet tent). Throughout which she was a rock. Thanks Peniour.

The worst bits of Month 1:
- The weather in the first few weeks. It rained. Enough said.
- Constant re-arranging of the car. We had way too much gear. Advice - if you are doing a trip like this you do not need an ensuite shower curtain, a spare set of peddles for the two bikes you are carrying, a massive wooden shopping board, 4 different camping stoves, Michael Boltons greatest hits on CD, you get the idea. Be brutal with what you pack. Too much stuff is annoying! (Regan I sent you a list of what has been binned for your ammusement).
- Bogans at Paradise Beach. We had a great little spot and then the family from hell decided they would like to share it with us. They were also keen to make sure their kids knew to F*CK OFF! and not pester mom whilst she tackles up her rods. Thanks Bogans, you were great.
- BIG4 camp grounds. $32 per night for the worst camp grounds in Australia. Sleep in a layby instead if you have to (the ones on the Nullabor are quite nice actually).
- Evil wildlife. Particularly Possums. Three particular nights come to mind. Firstly at Hobart Beach, the later named 'Gary' breaks into the car and eats half of my bread. Secondly Gary comes back for round 2 the next night, savaging a rubbish bag that we had stupidly left out. But do peddles really taste that good Gary? Thirdly, one of Gary's friends in Tassie decided to spent the night running on our tent. Thanks.

Please feel free to leave comments and banter!