I know it’s trendy to say this now, but god Berlin is cool. I bet if all the cool cats who lived in London or New York could sprechen deutsch they’d want to end up here too (I know I would). It’s just so easy here – there are no wanky business types and the streets are lined with cool but affordable cafes and boutiques and little parks with concrete table tennis tables… ahhh.

We stayed with Henning, a friend of Joe’s who’d slept on his couch in Bondi for nine months and his beautiful, very pregnant and very cute partner Liana in their oh so cool apartment on the east side of town.

We took Bob to Toyota for his final service for the trip (saving the best til last), and with typical German efficiency they even replaced the lightbulb for the door light which every other service had neglected. Bob was given a clean bill of health (I think the mechanic even said he was surprised at how good a condition the old truck was in) and we were left to enjoy the rest of our time exploring Berlin.

Henning took us on a tour of the city, past the remains of the Berlin Wall, through the Brandenberg gate to the houses of parliament, to Checkpoint Charlie and under a bridge to try a German specialty:   Currywurst. I suspect Currywurst is actually a Bratwurst cunningly disguised by the excessive use of curry powder and ketchup, but it was still quite delicious, if a little overpowering.

All in all it was a chilled out time being in Berlin – we caught up with a mate who we’d worked with at Vodafone, Miles and his partner Mel, ate more delicious home cooked food and Miles did his best to out-chilli me (although it simply isn’t possible). Staying with Henning and Liana was nothing short of brilliant (thanks guys!!) It was the first time we’d stayed with people since Singapore – so we enjoyed being at home, Henning’s delicious coffees and having other people to talk to (god knows we’ve run out of things to say to each other by now. Nice things, anyway.) We capped off our stay with a quintessentially Berliner trip to the football to watch Eisern Union Berlin play Dusseldorf. The atmosphere was electric and the fans were crazy, despite it being probably one of the most boring displays of sport I’ve ever seen. But it was remarkable watching Joe devour, not one, not two, but three bratwursts in one day. The man is a machine (or possibly a Labrador, one or the other).