The next couple of days get us covering some distance west, from the Terracotta Warriors near Xi'an, to a campsite next to a disused rubbish disposal area, to Pingliang, Lanzou, Xining and Qinghaihu Lake at 3700m altitude.

Our fridge dies, we run out anything and everything you can use to power a camping stove and we come across more towns where finding accomodation for 'aliens' as we are known is nigh on impossible. In Lanzou we drive around from door to door for an hour and a half, and the only hotel that will have us currently has no electricity. Everyone's a bit jaded in the car, and Joe and I venture out alone (for the first time since we arrived in China) to get some dinner. Ordering is an absolute circus, but we get there in the end.

The monotony of our driving eating driving eating driving eating soon passes through when we pick up Joe's mates Jeannie and Poyser the next morning. They live in Beijing and have come to spend a few days hanging out with Bob.

We drive to Xining for lunch, stock up on beers, select a bottle of Baijo to help everyone sleep and head to the markets to buy burger ingredients (no easy task in China, but Joe wanted to make burgers).

We drive to Qinghai Lake, and after a warning from the police not to go anywhere other than the scenic area, we drive up to a yurt and ask them if we can camp by the lake; and for the handsome sum of 20 yuan each we're allowed. The local farmers entertain us for a while, laughing whilst we pitch our tents, climbing up the ladder and into the roof tent, lounging about in our camping chairs, then they get bored and leave, and we crack the beers, enjoy the sunset, the enormous blue lake and the mountains. Then the temperature drops, and the Baijo comes out.