We both woke up in the sweaty roof tent with the kind of forced positivity that stems from ‘if I don’t laugh I’m going to cry.’  It was ridiculously hot at 7am and the whole beach was covered in rubbish and feral cats. It’s slow going at the moment. I’m reading blogs and websites and guidebooks about beautiful places to go, but when we get there it doesn’t translate for me – it’s all just a bit too grubby and unkempt and I guess I’m not use to that so its taking some getting use to. We got up and swam in the resort pool near where we’d camped, then drove up to the fishing port of Mersing to see whether we could arrange a day trip out to one of the islands. But when we got there, no one was really doing day trips. We drove around looking for somewhere to camp, but none of places we’d earmarked for camping seemed to work – they either didn’t appeal, or you had to ask permission – and when we tried to, the owners just seemed baffled as to why we’d want to camp. They had signs out the front that would say camping, but when you’d ask them how much, they’d just say it wasn’t available! So frustrating. So we had a bit of a wasted afternoon, then drove back into Mersing feeling a bit deflated and just looking for somewhere cheap to stay. Then argued about paying for hotels. Then looked at our budget and realised we can afford to. We nearly spent more on beer celebrating our budget spreadsheet than we did the hotel.  It’s hard getting back into the routine of driving, planning and enjoying as we go, hopefully a few more days will see us back on track