On our way out of Kuala Lumpur to Batu Caves, we spotted a Tescos extra, and diverted desperately over several lanes of traffic with wild abandon at the prospect of buying wine and beer on the cheap. We were so distracted by supermarket heaven that we missed the turn off to Batu and drove an extra 20 or so kms out of our way. Again. But the towering gold hindu statue finally heralded us in. We climbed the 272 steps alongside the monkeys and litter and hung out in the cool quiet of the cave for a while before descending back to BOB.

Back on the freeways I had a few spaz attacks trying to cross reference maps but we found highway 54 to Kuala Selangor. The highways in Malaysia are truly excellent. I know that’s an odd statement coming from me, but they are!

We wanted to get back to camping and headed to Taman Alam Nature Park where they’d advertised camping, but their campsite was ‘closed for maintenance’. This is a common theme for Malaysia... their chalets and A frame huts were booked too. I'm beginning to thing people don't like the look of Bob, because everytime we rock up, things miraculously close.

We wandered around the park looking at mudskippers and trying to avoid monkeys and then checked into a hotel for 55RM (about 18aud, god bless malaysia). The real reason we'd come here was to see the fireflies anyway - so after a fantastic Kari Mee dinner and my 3rd can of 100 plus for the day, we headed over to Kampung Kuantan, home of one of the worlds biggest firefly colonies. Although we managed to rock up earlier that the 17 busloads of chinese tourists, we still had use our elbows to get a ticket, and managed to meet a lovely Korean girl to join our boat. As it went dark, the little wooden rowboats go quietly down the river, and the mangroves are lit up like christmas trees by the blinking lights of the fireflies. Apparently the males ones even flash in unison. Really pretty and peaceful - glad we did that one!

Today we're off to Kuantan - zigzagging back to the east coast! This will be the 3rd time we've driven across the width of Malaysia, and we've only been here for about 9 days! Joe's keen to find some kiting action - and we're determined to stop pussying around and find somewhere to camp.

More photos soon - that's Joes job....