We’ve been in Thailand for a week now, and I’m so relaxed I’m barely conscious. And it’s not just the cheap beer, it’s just so easy. We are back into holiday mode well and truly.

After picking up our maps in Trang, we headed straight to Koh Lanta (wrong turns are a thing of the past!). Two ferry rides to our first Thai Island experience. Joe tried his hand at Kiting again, but the wind was positively cyclonic. Which makes me wonder why we then decided to camp in Koh Lanta National Park. No sooner had Joe popped the tent up then it started blowing the full wrath of the Andaman monsoon – although the deafening wind and rain kept the monkeys from climbing all over the tent – so alls well that ends well. Special thanks to the lovely Thai lady who rode back to the Canteen on her scooter at 6pm to cook us dinner. I love the Thais.

From Koh Lanta, we drove through sheets of rain to Krabi, stopping to take shelter in Tesco Lotus – devastated to find that we couldn’t buy booze until 5pm.

Krabi looks like it could be beautiful – long luxurious beaches looking out to limestone karsts and shadows of islands in the distance, but the rain and mist made it all a bit of a mystery. But we had an amazing whole zebra fish for dinner with chilli, lime and coriander (just what I love about thai food).

Without stopping for breath, it rained the whole way to Phuket. Joe was stoked to find surf at Kata, and frog marched me down the beach in search of surfboard hire, double checking with the shopowner that there were no large fish in the vicinity.

Phuket has been a holiday within a holiday, complete with hangovers and overpriced food. We had a great time hanging out with Greg and Jeannie, guessing peoples nationalities from the view of the beach bar (the Russians are a give away with those g-string bikinis), beating them at pool (???) and walking 7km to find the infamous red chair restaurant where ‘all the thais eat’ ahem, yeah.

Yesterday the rain disappeared and we were showered in sun – and it all became clear why people come here – it was like coming to a completely different beach. It was paradise. We went and got ourselves massaged and then melted into an uber relaxed day. All was going well until we were walking down the street and a bird dropped a small green snake on Joe’s foot, which he then trod on and had some sort of dancing epileptic fit. Can this boy escape drama??? Ten minutes later we were having a drink on the beach and had forgotten all about it. I like to call that the Phuket effect.

Today we’re off again heading up the west coast. Less than two weeks left in Thailand…I’m already starting to miss it.