I just want to clear this up – yes you can drive as fast as you like on the autobarn, but Bob prefers to only travel at ninety because he’s old and things make disturbing rattling noises over 95kmph so our autobarn experience really wasn’t that thrilling. What we did realise after a while though was that when a German tells you it only takes 2 hours to get somewhere, multiply it by 3, as they probably own either a BMW or an Audi and average about 230kmph on the Autobarn. If you’re travelling in a Big Orange Bus too, you might sometimes catch a glimpse of something in gunmetal grey shooting past you as you amble along in the slow lane. That’s a real live German in a car. I know, unbelievable.

We left Berlin to drive towards Prague, and stopped overnight in a town called Bad Schandau which was in fact, quite good, and in a foresty reserve of, er, forest and rocky outcrops a bit like the Blue Mountains. The next day we drove into the Czech Republic and hiked up to a huge window-like rock formation with an old fashioned hotel set into the rock wall, and then scurried quickly back down again and onwards to Prague International Airport to pick up Scott.