We're now less than a month away from driving out the driveway of Murriverie Road for the last time. Yep, in the famous words of Swedish rockers, Europe, "It's the final countdown…dna na na! Dna na na na!"

In the lesser famous words of David Wang, "OMG!"  So much to do, so little time…. Here's a few updates on what's been keeping us busy over the last few weeks;

Car Preparations

The troopy has undergone a slow release facelift over the last 6 months. It now looks fully sick.

Joe's handy work has included: Snorkel installation, Dual Battery System, 'Nite Stalker' headlights, Door pockets (with cup holders), roof tray imported from QLD with roof top box, Side awning, fold down kitchen table on the back door with 3 hob cooker, 4 large storage cupboards in the back which also form the base of the bed, stereo system and speakers in every available orrifice, LCD TV*, deluxe shower and steam room.* And ofcourse, I made curtains. They're different lengths, but I think the main thing is I used a sewing machine. In addition, some other people who know stuff about cars have installed the long range fuel tank and replaced the timing belt; and given the car a thumbs up with a pre-departure service. (*denotes not true).

Still to come - some 'crimsafe' on the back windows (mozzie protection as well as theft prevention, as well as just looking tough); bit of tinting (unfortunately this is in lieu of air conditioning), and general prettying up.  Other than that, we're nearly there!

Personal Preparations

I wish we'd had a video camera handy when we were getting jabbed in the arm with typhoid, hep and tetanus because it was truly high quality drama. We were fortunate to have seen a doctor who prescribed us everything under the sun so feel like we're in good stead to get out amongst it and start eating street food with rusty utensils cooked by monkeys.

We've spent over the last 6 months writing lists of stuff to wrap up in Sydney; selling cars and furniture, finishing jobs, getting high quality dental work done. We've spent a great deal of time planning the route, researching the visa and driving requirements and now we’re nervously just waiting for a start date so we can kick some of the time dependant admin off! Most of the admin needs to be done en route, eg, as Visa's usually only have 3 months to enter, and the first 3 months of our trip is in Australia, so feel that we're as prepared as we can be

Route Preparation

I've updated the route and timings on the 'route' page of the site so you can get a feel for when we're going to be where; we still need to organise some of our first nights camping in NSW, but to give a rough idea, we're departing on 3rd Jan, and will drive south down towards Jervis Bay and spend a few days in that area, heading further south, then going inland to do a 3 day trek around Mount Kosciuszko. We’re aiming to arrive in Melbourne before Australia Day (26th Jan) and then we get on the Spirit of Tasmania on Friday 28th Jan and will be in Tassie until Sunday 6th Feb. After that….Victoria, SA, WA….arriving in Darwin at the end of March and shipping the car to Singapore from there, whilst we go and live it up in Indo… that's about as detailed as we can be at the moment!

Please let us know if you've got any suggestions for places that we absolutely must visit in Oz. Look forward to catching up before we go xx