How crazy it is that tomorrow we cross the border into the EU! Where on earth has time gone?

We're spending our final night in Russia, rather unglamourously, at a motel about 150km from the Latvian border. We're drinking down russian beers and sucking the free wifi dry whilst waiting to see what the english-free waitress has whipped up in the kitchen from the things that I pointed to (unwittingly) on the menu... I've already guessed that like everything else in Russia, it will be smothered in mayonaise and dill, so nothing can go terribly wrong.

I've been lamenting a bit too today, on the state of affairs in Turkey at the moment, and how awful it must be for all those people still out in the cold. How bloody awful a time they must be having. I'm grateful indeed that we chose to change our route and go north through the baltics instead of catching the ferry from Sochi to Trabzon - it would have put us right in the middle of all the chaos. It makes me feel, once again, that we've been extremely lucky so far this year. Fingers crossed - only 6 wks left to go!