a 50,000 KM Overland adventurE from australia to UK

You might think they're crazy, but in January 2011 Joe & Penny set off from Sydney in a twenty year old Landcruiser they call BOB to drive all the way to England - the Roadtrip of a Lifetime.

On the way they've been bogged, robbed, even attacked by a shark, but in the true spirit of adventure, they've soldiered through the continents, to places where tourists dare not venture, and sunday drivers never bother to go.

You can read all about their adventure here, follow their updates on Facebook and catch their latest videos on Nat Geo Adventure.

All for the love of a good roadtrip. Enjoy.

How it all started

The reality of a big trip has been eluding us both for some time now. It lurked in the waiting room of our respective ambitious minds, unsettled, anxious for action. And entangled in it too, a craving for real adventure. Something to be done that might test personal boundaries - those mental, physical, logistical limits that build up on your mind over time.

Hundreds of memoirs from friends who’ve flung themselves around the world over the years (backpacking, flashpacking, holidaying, honeymooning, living abroad) just makes the ambition hungrier, almost to a point of competition. It gets coddled by stories of super-humans cycling for four years across the globe, kayaking to New Zealand, driving Tuk-Tuks from Bangkok to London and hundred pound renaults to some place in Africa you've never even heard of. The mind overheats. And when the opportunity presents itself to step up and have your go, you feel both exhilarated and a bit terrified all at the same time. Not of what you might come across, but of what you might miss out on if you’re not careful with your time.

And here it is, and I never saw it coming, in January 2011 we left Sydney to drive overland to the UK; long on time in over 20 different countries, with the freedom of our own vehicle to see it all unfold in front of us.

The pages here have become a collective of all our observations of a year on the road, slowly meandering from east to west in the ex-nsw rural fire services troopy we call Bob. Welcome.


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